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Marriage Pathways
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About Us

EagleEye Solutions, Inc. (EESI) is an Arizona Corporation that creates and designs customized, exclusive and affordable computerized assessments for personal growth and development.

Founded in 2000, EESI is dedicated to developing assessments and products that enrich and enhance people’s lives. Through a lengthy proprietary process involving research on healthy marriages, under the guidance of a PhD marriage counselor, the EESI research team carefully crafted Marriage Pathways, the first offering of the exclusive EESI Pathways Assessment Series.

The simplicity of the Marriage Pathways Assessment is a tribute to the thousands of hours of research and intense discussion dedicated to the formulation of the assessment and each statement.

Additional offerings from the Pathway Assessment Series are in development for your enrichment and enjoyment.

Our Mission

To provide you the foundation necessary to further your journey into passion, intimacy, and love.

- The Marriage Pathways Team