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Frequently Asked Questions

The assessment and reports are free? What’s the catch?
There is no catch. The assessment and reports are absolutely free. At EagleEye Solutions, we believe that the enrichment and success of your marriage is more important than the financial gain. Thousands and thousands of hours and dollars have been invested in this assessment. We encourage you to take it with your partner.

After you take the assessment, before you print your reports, you will be given an opportunity to make a donation to offset the costs, if you choose. A donation of any amount will pay for the upkeep of the website and support ongoing research in marriage, parenting and other important aspects of life.

Both you and your spouse will individually complete an assessment consisting of about 40 statements. A report will be generated that compares your responses, providing a clear "snapshot" of your current relationship, with accompanying discussion guidelines.

One professional marriage counseling session can typically cost between $75.00 and $150.00. Usually a counselor requires several sessions to target your specific needs. You and your spouse will easily spend over $500.00. Although "Marriage Pathways" is not a substitute for professional marriage counseling, the assessment report does take a clear "snapshot" of your relationship in each of eight healthy pathways. In the quiet and privacy of your own home, over dinner or a cup of coffee, you both can freely and openly discuss the findings shown in the report, working together in a unified effort to deepen your relationship.

Should you both determine that professional counseling is necessary, the Marriage Pathways Counselor’s Report is a concise report that will assist your professional counselor in targeting key areas, saving you time and money.
If I don’t make a donation, are the reports the same?
Yes! You will have an option of a donation of any amount after you take the assessment as well as the option not to make a donation. Whatever your decision, your reports will be the same. Your donation, no matter how large or small, will go for upkeep and cost of the website and additional research and development of Marriage Pathways and new products. Your donation is NOT tax deductible as the Corporation is for profit. Your donation can be made with the use of any credit card via Pay Pal.
If we are dating or engaged, can we take the Marriage Pathways Assessment?
If you are in a serious relationship, Marriage Pathways will identify the healthy aspects of your relationship as well as areas that require discussion and growth. Many of the questions couples encounter after they are married should have been discussed prior to marriage. The Marriage Pathways report has proven to be a valuable tool for pre-marriage discussion and counseling.
Do we have to be experiencing marital problems to take Marriage Pathways?
No! A healthy, intimate marriage relationship requires long term commitment and dedication; it is a work in progress. The struggles and demands of everyday life can easily take needed attention away from each other. A minor issue in one pathway, if unattended and unresolved, can easily cause a negative effect that can permeate your entire relationship. If you both have a desire to deepen your relationship and are committed to developing a strong, vibrant, healthy marriage, then Marriage Pathways is for you. You will find points of celebration and unity; it will also reveal areas that will require discussion and growth. The customized report will provide you with the foundation and information necessary to enhance your journey together.
Can you provide us more detail on the Marriage Pathways assessment and report?
Each of you will take the assessment alone, in the privacy of your home or office. You must NOT discuss your responses with each other prior to completing the assessment; you take the assessment individually without your partner present. You will each answer approximately 40 statements similar to the following:

My partner and I are able to have open, honest discussions.
Strongly Agree | Agree | Disagree | Strongly Disagree

The report will compare your answers with your partners answers, highlighting areas of unity and celebration, as well as revealing key growth areas. The statements have been carefully crafted to compare your responses with well researched, historical "Pathways" of healthy marriages.
Does Marriage Pathways measure our compatibility?
No. Compatibility has become a very dangerous and over-emphasized area in marriage assessments and websites. The problem is two-fold. First, we know for certain that opposites attract. We also know that a man and woman who are very similar are often attracted to each other and married. "Marriage Pathways" focuses on your current relationship and how to make it more rich and vibrant. You have made the decision to spend your life together… that is our starting point… you must now work closely to understand, appreciate and rejoice in your similarities and differences.

One journey... One love... One mind...
Why should we take Marriage Pathways? How will it help us?
Your marriage, like all marriages, is a work in progress, requiring dedication, commitment and time. In your marriage you will have areas of agreement and disagreement that you will need to work through. We have observed that one small area of disagreement and tension can affect communication in all areas of marriage. Marriage Pathways allows you to identify those areas and begin a unified effort to work on them. One journey...One love...One mind...

Dave and Cindy, from Colorado, reported that it "saved their marriage"; they were allowing one small area to overshadow all of the wonderful, healthy aspects of their marriage. The "Marriage Pathways" report showed the many areas of health and strength in their marriage and revealed one Pathway that required discussion. In the privacy of their own home, without professional assistance, they were able to freely discuss the one area and make some changes, much to their delight.
Does Marriage Pathways address the sexual aspect of marriage?
The Marriage Pathways team encourages open discussion in this area. The assessment statements do not go "beyond the bedroom door". One of the eight healthy pathways is "Intimacy". Your responses related to the intimacy pathway will determine if this is a healthy aspect of your marriage or an area that needs discussion and attention.

The key guideline beyond the "bedroom door" is that your sexual relationship should be fulfilling to each other and support and protect your individual dignity. What happens "beyond the bedroom door" should be openly, honestly and gently discussed "outside the bedroom door".

Your marriage is unique; one of a kind. The freedom of your intimate sexual expression with each other is determined largely by your past life experiences, both good and bad. Each of you should listen carefully to the thoughts and feelings of the other and work toward unity of mind in the intimacy pathway.
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